Make learning a dream in your home...





Make learning a dream in your home...



Learning brought to life through animated  bedtime story experiences  


Dream Learners are educators with a passion for storytelling and have developed an app for children and parents which revolutionises curricular learning in the home.

By combining scientific and educational research, a cross-curricular approach and specific story writing techniques, Dream Learners provide immersive story experiences - for children aged 3-9 and their parents - which radically change learning outcomes. 

Bedtime will never be the same again!



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App Features Include:

The Huddle Hub: extend the learning experience through questions and simple activities that facilitate a special learning dialogue between parent and child.

The GloZone: nightlight, vocabulary and gentle assessment to help reinforce the learning and music to help transition children to sleep.

Outstanding Creative: TV quality animation story playback combining best in class creative, animation and voice talent for a top quality entertainment experience. 

What our users are saying:

“Emma is desperate for more stories! The rapping story has made such an impression. She had her whole class joining in to Bea's anti-bullying rap.” Mum of Emma, aged 7

“I loved watching my 6 year old daughter's face light up whist watching Raptasitc. She laughed, looked fully engaged and it held her attention throughout. I was also very impressed how it taught an important subject in such an age appropriate way. I felt like we were both learning together. This is something I would definitely recommend to all my friends with children.” Mum of girl aged 6

“Henry has lots of apps and online resources but this is the first time he has shown so much interest and enthusiasm. I’m not even sure why but this just got through to him. It was quite dramatic!” Mum of Henry aged 10

“As parents we always struggle to find new ways to help Maya learn. This really works” Mum of Maya aged 8

“I think these stories are great. Very well thought through and put together. Interesting, educational and fun - and pitched just right.” Mum of Michaela aged 7

"I love this app, I tell everyone I know about it including the teachers at the school my 5 year old attends as I think it's so amazing!"

"My son listened intently to Quercus and thoroughly enjoyed the story. I found Quercus's voice deep and calming and it helped Cody relax too. This app will be awesome when the library grows and there are more stories to choose from, in the meantime we'll keep listening to our favourites and letting Quercus soothe us into a peaceful, dreamy sleep." Mum of Cody aged 5

“He was doing time at school and now knows the seasons and why we get night and day- not bad for a 5 year old! Best of all he loves to cuddle up and listen to the stories over and over again learning all the time without realising it. We like the fact it is easy to use so even Grandad can manage it.” Mum of boy aged 5

“A very creative and fun video. Learning should always be this fun!” Dad of boy aged 8

"Impressed with the display. Great theme choice. I like in one episode you manage to cover different subjects: bulling, tunes, rhythm, story of rap ... And all in a fun Way.” Dad of girls aged 4 and 7

“Learning that your kids will want to do!”

"I have to let you know how much my boys love Dream Learners.  They were so excited about the new story.  I even managed to get them on their best behaviour all last week with the promise that if they were good they could watch the new Dream Learners at the end of the week.” Mum of Noah 6 and Ari 4