Whilst at Kidscreen in Miami we attended a fascinating session led by Stacey Mathias from renowned research firm Insight Kids. Stacey was presenting the findings from an intensive study into kids' digital habits - what they're doing as they stream, game, communicate and shop online, and the benefits they get from each activity. What grabbed our attention more than anything else was the fact that all the children interviewed felt that digital devices provide the necessary challenges they crave. Digital devices stimulate their imagination (the single learning prerequisite they value above all others) and are both immediate and responsive. Television in comparison is now viewed as pure relaxation: a chance to zone out and just relax. How quickly technology transforms our lives! The point is, that we must take note of what it is that kids want and need for learning to take place. Educators of the future will have to harness these instincts, preferences and passions to deliver engaging content that inspires, educates and entertains. Here at Dream Learners we take this seriously and you should too. Don't allow the Media to make you feel guilty about allowing your Kids to learn via digital devices. Read this fascinating, sensitive and intelligent article first before the fear-mongering takes hold.