We take a scientific approach to learning and design

Along with our advisors Professor Robert Winston of Imperial College and Professor Rose Luckin, Professor of Learner Centred Design at the London Knowledge Lab, we use science-backed education technology optimised for learning in the 90 minutes before bed and a blended curriculum and teaching matrix - our "magic mix" of subjects, based on best practice teaching. 

We combine that with stories and supporting material created by outstanding teachers all in a multi-platform app that is simple to use.

We know that children think in a connected way and should learn in that way too, rather than accessing subjects in isolation. Our cross curricular stories optimise these connections and mirror the way children think. 

The Dream Learners framework for learning is highly effective:


Bedtime is Best: Learning before sleep has a beneficial effect on long-term declarative memory consolidation and the brain’s ability to recall factual information. We provide tailored learning content in the critical 90 minutes before bedtime.


Connected curriculum: Cross-curricular teaching (which means teaching multiple, interwoven subjects at once) is the most effective way to educate children. Many early childhood researchers and educators recognise that young children see the world as a connected whole rather than in isolated segments, and that learning should reflect this. By connecting learning from disparate subject areas within our stories, children’s learning is both faster and more meaningful.


Home at the heart of learning: Creating a ‘climate of curiosity’ and love for learning at home has been found to be the most significant determinant of a child's future. Learning that parent and child can experience together has the most impact on a child’s future academic success.